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Multiple options available to meet your needs: 




Initial deep dive 1-hour session will explore diet history, current eating behaviors, food preferences/allergies, and overall health. 

Second session will include a custom meal plan, based on your personal food preferences, as well as 3 days worth of sample menus. Each follow-up will have a topic of focus, discussion, and processing to help support you between sessions.

*Katie will help to determine frequency of meetings; typically weekly sessions are recommended to start with, and may decrease to every other week or one time per month, depending on need.

Subsequent sessions may include additional sample menus, as well as accountability via weekly check ins. Goal setting will help determine progress. Additional services may include: meal planning, meal preparation tips, recipes, cooking demonstrations, grocery shopping guidance, and virtual pantry makeovers. 

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Online Meal Plans:

Katie will send you a basic questionnaire. Once completed, she will send you a

customized meal plan based on your individual needs. This meal plan will include sample

meals/snacks within a healthy well balanced diet involving all food groups.

Contact Katie for pricing (range from $90 to $200 per session)

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