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Counseling Pricing  
Individual Face-to-Face Counseling Session Rates:
 $120 - Initial Assessment and Evaluation, (90 minutes) *required for all NEW clients*
 $90- Full session (1 hour)
 $60- Half session (30 minutes)     
Counseling Package Rates:                                                                                                             
Package A: $220- Includes: Initial 90-minute Assessment + 2 Half Sessions                   
Package B: $280- Includes: Initial 90-minute Assessment + 2 Full Sessions      
Package C: $380- Initial 90-minute Assessment + 1 Full Session + 3 Half Sessions
Package D: $350- 4- Full Sessions (must be purchased after Initial Assessment)
Skype, Face-Time, or Phone Session Rates:
Too busy to get to an appointment or bad weather pops up at last minute? Not a problem.
The same high-quality nutrition counseling services are just a phone call (or skype session)
away. It’s like having a personal dietitian in the comfort of your own home! 
All information and goals discussed will be emailed to you during or after your session.
$90- Option 1 (1 hour): established clients only
$60- Option 2 (30 minutes): established clients only
$120- Option 3 (90 minutes): Initial Session for NEW clients only
Online Meal Plans:
Katie will send you a questionnaire asking basic information. Once completed, she
will send you a customized meal plan based on your individual needs. This meal plan
will include sample meals/snacks within a healthy well balanced diet involving all food groups.
Contact Katie for pricing.

All fees are due at time of session- Check or Cash ONLY.
Please make checks payable to: “Hoover Nutrition, LLC”
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