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*NEW Pediatric Nutrition Therapy
Package #1: $100- You and your child (optional) will meet with Katie  for  ~1 hour and will include review of: food history, physical assessment,  24- hour recall, current behaviors, and any physical signs/symptoms.  You will receive customized guidance including a meal plan and recipes.

Package #2: $150:You and your child (optional) will meet with Katie for ~ 1 hour during 2 separate sessions (total of 2 hours). It will include the same features in Package #1 as well as a follow up session to discuss the use of a food diary tracking system to provide accountability and feedback to your child’s specific needs.

*Please note that both package options are for 1 child only. If you wish to add another child, the cost is $50 per child

Health/Wellness Fairs $100/hour

Nutrition Presentations $100/hour
* 1 time only- for corporate wellness class options, see below*
Virtual Healthy Pantry Makeover $80
Learn about nutrition without leaving the comfort of your home! A complete pantry makeover will teach you the basics of good nutrition, as well as healthy cooking ideas. Additionally, you will learn how to read a food label and focus on key words found in healthier food options.
Grocery Store Guidance  $75/hour
Learn how to be supermarket savvy! Instead of being overwhelmed at the grocery store, learn how to navigate the aisles like a pro! Keeping a well- stocked, balanced pantry starts by making the right choices at the store. Be sure to let your dietitian know if you have any specific nutritional needs.
*Note: additional fees may be assessed for travel to and from grocery store or virtual options also available*
Tailoring the nutrition classes to the lifestyles of your group, we ensure that we will contribute to your corporate wellness initiative by taking a proactive approach. When you invest in the most valuable asset to your organization, your employees, we promise to offer an invaluable return, health!

Please contact Katie for pricing information and available package options involving nutrition classes and seminars.

*Please ask for list of available nutrition seminar topics or you may request a topic of your choice.*

Additional fees including mileage may be assessed on a case by case basis.

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